ZEMENTOL: perfection and safety for construction sealing

The ZEMENTOL® System offers complete safety, starting with the consulting and engineering through to the on-site quality assurance and the delivery of all relevant building materials under a 10-year system guarantee that is backed by a 10-year insurance policy.


ZEMENTOL is synonymous with the crack-optimised/crack-reduced design of integral waterproofing solutions. All engineering, concrete and building activities are aimed at reducing the internal stress of the structure and thus the number and width of the cracks. ZEMENTOL allows you to make savings on crack-reducing reinforcement steel, by using integral waterproofing solutions that apply precision engineering and comprehensive concrete technology.


All ZEMENTOL construction materials are auto-waterproofing, based on the principle of flow-path prolongation and adherence (mechanical sealing). No chemicals or swelling materials are used. As an independent engineering company, ZEMENTOL offers only the best building materials to its customers. ZEMENTOL provides special services, such as the engineering and construction of remedial work or the mounting of waterproof flanges between existing and new structures.

ZEMENTOL Solutions